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Our design process begins with a pre-design phase.  During this time, we help our clients evaluate the sites they are considering purchasing or analyze their existing site, scrutinize or create the building program, interview all parties concerned and explore all functional and psychological aspects of the project.  In this way, we dispose of all preconceived notions and assure that a unique and functional design is developed in response to the information gathered. 


We believe establishing a common project vision with our clients and consultants in the very beginning nurtures efficient and effective communication, project design, development and delivery.  To achieve this goal, we encourage collaboration in an open and inclusive process, and subject our ideas to client and user critiques throughout the iterative design process ensuring the needs of the project are fulfilled and that our clients, end users and local jurisdictions are all satisfied.


QUA+D will serve as your advocate and representative within the design team, the community and with your General Contractor to help guide you through the complex and sometimes lengthy process.


For us, each project is a new beginning. We build on past project experience but generate a new language for every design that is specific to our clients’ needs and the building context. In this way our buildings grow in response to site, topography, climate, vegetation, and the unique qualities of the program and budget. 


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