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Studio QUA+D is an Architectural design studio specializing in modern and sustainable places to live, work, and play. As a research based and design-oriented firm we are committed to creating Designs that inspires and enhances the lives of all those touched by our work. We help our clients to build a strong vision for their projects grounded on function and enlivened by meaning.


Design is a complex process and the diversity of our work is intentional, it strengthens and expands our practice by continuously challenging us to research and gain new knowledge. We have found that this level of intensity leads to innovative solutions and an architecture that is representative of its time and place.


We are organized as an open design studio in order to foster communication and the free flow of ideas with a focus on sharing innovation, expression, and knowledge growth.

We utilize the latest software to stay lean, efficient and on the cutting edge of practice and delivery from BIM (building information modeling) to VR (virtual reality).  


Just like our work, choosing a name was an intense process of continuously evolving ideas. Ultimately, we wanted our name to mean something and not just take on the names of our founders.

QUA+D (pronounced kwad) was chosen for its all-encompassing optimism and focus on design (+D):



Infinite quantity, everything, all encompassing - this is how we think of design, down to the most minute detail.



We like to think and work at an urban scale; whether that means designing ground up cities, master plans or buildings within an urban setting, we are always intrigued by the urbanity of a project – how it relates to its surroundings and how it gives back to its urban context and the environment.


In its simplest form, architecture is the art and practice of designing and building structures, but, this definition doesn’t really capture the essence of what architecture is.

To us, Architecture is inherently optimistic. It is the translation of dreams, ideas and concepts into reality - it has the potential to make a difference, to engage the human condition while enlightening and enriching the human experience,

Architecture is the setting for the drama of life!


Design is a way of life, it is the way we approach every aspect of our practice, always searching for the most pleasing and appropriate solution within the constraints placed upon us.




  • JUDGES CHOICE AWARD - DESIGN AFTER DARK 2011 - Trans(ient) Gravity (H41)

  • FIRST PLACE - Englewood Performing Arts Center design competition 

  • AIA AWARD OF MERIT - Englewood Performing Arts Center: Englewood, CO 

  • FIRST PLACE - ACME Brick design competition: Stillwater, OK. Medical Facility

  • AIA HONOR AWARD - Jefferson County Action Center: Lakewood, CO (FFA)

  • AIA HONOR AWARD - Dinosaur Ridge viewing platforms: Morrison, CO (FFA)

  • TODAY'S IMAGE "BEST DESIGN' 2003 & 2004 - The Palms Tanning Resort (ARAA)

  • C3Korea #205 (pp88-93) – “Englewood Performing Arts Center” 

  • Guide to Denver Architecture: pg 257 Monigle Building - 150 Adams, Denver, CO. (ARAA & FFA)

  • Various Trade Magazines and local newspapers: Madison Transit, RTC Las Vegas, South Bend Transpo, Victor Valley Transit Authority and Union Park Las Vegas. (RNL)

  • The Palms Tanning Resort: Published in several trade publications, The Denver Business Journal featured on CBS News 4 Denver (ARAA)

  • EXHIBIT: “What Does Architecture Sustain”, Boulder Library, Boulder, CO. 1998 (FFA)

  • EXHIBIT: “CityScape Dubai” 2007 Al Ghadeer Urban design (RNL)

H41 - Hangar41: Principal

FFA - Form First Architecture: Associate

ARAA - Arley Rinehart Associates Architects: Associate

RNL - RNL Design: Senior Project Designer

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