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6 degree house

type:             single family custom residence

client:           private

location:       west arvada, colorado, usa

size:             3,400 square feet + oversized garage

cost:             $650,000 (2012)

Located on a west facing slope with expansive views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range and designed for a young adventurous family of five; the 6 degree house derives its name from the calculated 6 degree rotation of its southern wing. This rotation helps frame specific mountain views and creates a 3-story vertical shaft bringing natural daylight and views deep within the structure. The Kitchen was designed to be the command center for the house and is visually connected to the children’s loft, main living spaces and the basement through the light shaft.


The house was originally designed to be a construction hybrid with the north and south wings fabricated off site as four prefabricated units that would be craned onto a concrete walkout basement. The central portion of the house would then be conventionally framed to create the complete enclosure. The foundation walls extend into the landscape accentuating the structure and integrating the house into the site as retaining walls. 

Despite the house and views facing west the project was designed to mitigate overheating from the west sun and the house was designed to meet LEED sustainability standards.


The plans for a traditionally framed version of this house are available for purchase plus the cost of site adaptation. Here is a sample sheet - please call us for a quote.

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