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santa fe drive - the artful approach to denver

type:             consensus building/urban design/master planning/art district visioning & branding

client:           santa fe bid, andrea barela, pres.

                    art district on santa fe, amy phare, pres.

location:       denver, colorado, usa

size:             eight city blocks

cost:             $9 million (estimated)

Due to the expertise Mark has gained through his long term involvement in the Art District as a business owner, a Board Member for the Art District on Santa Fe, and as a founding/sponsoring Board Member of the Santa Fe Business Improvement District, we were invited to prepare a proposal for the City of Denver’s 2017 General Obligation Bond. The proposal was primarily to provide funding to improve the pedestrian experience within the Art District.  Our full proposal is available for download below, page 7 contains an executive summary of our vision and goals as well as the intended outcomes for the project.

To read the executive summary click here.  To see the entire presentation proposal please click here


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