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shanghai conference hotel, business & retail center

type:             mixed use - retail, recreation, hotel, conference, commercial office

client:           withheld - invitation only international design competition

location:       zhongyou, shanghai, china

size:             -

cost:             n/a

Zhongyou Shanghai was designed in cooperation with LLG International and is located just south of Shanghai’s famed Pudong district. The site has a direct connection to the historic water town - Xinchang on the canal to the west. The circulation paths and site geometry evolved out of the notion of a zigzagging or meandering pathway derived from traditional Chinese watertowns’ gardens and pathways.


Functionally, the geometry of the main hotel tower is a product of the desire to provide views all around the site from not only the guest rooms but also the lobbies and circulation spaces. By peeling back the living wings of the building, the internal spaces of the tower can be naturally lit and provide interest and a procession for the guests entering their quarters. These open views showcase the prominent retail spaces below, inviting visitors to explore and shops and the ocean and city in the distance inviting guests to explore the larger region.


The formal geometry and architecture were inspired by the region’s traditional economy of silk and salt production. The salt crystal possesses a repeating fractal rectilinear geometry that informed the final geometry of the tower and site layout. Plazas and entries to the lower-level retail and waterfront areas suggest crystalline forms compatible with the architectural concept and extending throughout the site. 


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