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type:             transportation and maintenance facility

client:           south bend transpo

location:       south bend, indiana, usa

size:             -

cost:             $19 million

The project combines administration and operations headquarters, a high-tech maintenance facility, and an enclosed bus storage area for a bus fleet of seventy six - including re-fueling, fare pull/count and bus wash functions. The Design takes visual cues from the classic Studebaker automobiles originally built on this site and provides scalability of the operations by providing storage for another 60 buses and a driver training course in a future phase II.                              


The design is functional, iconographic and environmentally friendly, addressing the requirements of operating with efficiency, durability, and safety, with a sense of pride and civic duty. The Transpo building and landscape is holistically unified by scale, forms, materials, textures, articulation and design concept to create a dynamic aesthetic, and functionally superior facility that is of its place and time.                               


This facility is the first transportation facility in the country to attain the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.                            


Completed by Mark Raeburn while Lead Designer at RNL

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