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granby station

type:             mixed-use development

client:           royal oak

location:       granby, colorado, usa

size:             21,000 sq ft mixed use office and retail + 12 3-story townhomes

cost:             n/a

Granby Station will incorporate townhomes, lofts, retail, restaurants and office spaces with carefully-considered interiors that offer an abundance of natural light, outdoor living spaces and fantastic views.


The proposed site solution is driven by two primary factors. First, all the buildings are oriented to take best possible advantage of the sloping site to enhance solar access and the stunning views to the south. Second, the commercial spaces are created to infill the missing street front along Agate Avenue, thereby, producing the best possible outcome for the retail and commercial spaces by creating a highly visible and desirable location for destination shopping and dining, and a centralized location for office space.


The preliminary townhome concepts are compact, three story units with large windows to expansive southern views.  The living spaces are laid out with an open plan aspect and both bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms. The units feature tuck under parking with roof decks and balconies and it is anticipated that the end units will be modified with extra glazing and small bump outs for additional area.


Along with the proposed City improvements to the local streets and new parking solutions it is our vision to help kickstart the rejuvenation of the City of Granby by providing quality housing, retail and office space opportunities with a connection to the commuter rail station from Denver.


The Granby Station feasibility study was commissioned to provide collaboration with the local municipality, due diligence, research, initial building massing and strong design concepts for a site along the main street in the city of Granby. Click here for a link to the feasibility study document.

Visit for more information on commercial and residential possibilities at Granby Station.

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