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al ghadeer

type:             master planning

client:           sorouh real estate, abu dhabi

location:       abu dhabi, united arab emirates

size:             3 million square meters

cost:             n/a

The Al Ghadeer masterplan is the first phase of a much larger tract development. This first phase of the new city in the desert was planned for 18,000 residents and will provide a well-balanced community serving the needs of working professionals and their families.  Residents will easily be able to live, work, play, study, shop, worship and participate in all the activities and services expected within a complete livable community.


The goal of the urban design concept was to create a character rich urban environment that consisted of many distinct places that fit within the overall context of the entire site, including the climate, topography, culture and history. These concepts were introduced through the deliberate manipulation of light, the integration of art and educational elements within the public realm, public spaces that provide the potential for spontaneous interaction and the freedom to “choose one’s own path” knowing that each choice would lead to a variety of experiences and options within the larger community.


Al Ghadeer encompasses approximately 3 million square meters of a larger development that will ultimately total 16 million square meters. The total built up area of the site is 1,685,800 square meters (18,145,800 square feet), with a gross saleable area of 1,829,620 square meters (19,694,000 square feet). The land uses are 55% residential, 20% commercial, 4.2% community amenities, 2% office, 1% hotel, 4% international schools and 3.4% parks and playgrounds.

“We strived to create an environment that promotes healthy minds and bodies, facilitates interaction and inspires the spirit though beautiful, environmentally friendly design." - Mark Raeburn

Completed by Mark Raeburn while Lead Designer at RNL

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