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the palms tanning resort

type:             tenant finish + franchise brand design

client:           allen k investments

location:       greenwood village, colorado, usa

size:             various locations

cost:             withheld at owner's request

The Palms Tanning Resorts are highly custom and award-winning interiors.  Our client wanted to create a luxury brand destination for relaxation, to instantly transport clients from their busy and demanding daily lives to the warm, relaxing, sunny tropics for a mini vacation. For franchise purposes, the idea was to create the feel of a custom design that was flexible enough for any location with the same area – approximately 2,800 square feet. Destination relaxation was accomplished with a “gateway” waterfall at the entry that guests pass by to wash away stress and fatigue. Visually the waterfall served as a barrier to the outside world while the comforting sounds of running water are the introduction for what is to come. The use of grass mats and bamboo wall treatments, bamboo huts to house the sunbeds and the creative use of lighting and color create a tropical ambience. The beach and ocean are continuously projected on a full wall over a sandy beach scape and is complete with the soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach. Each of the five locations are unique, yet feel familiar.


Completed by Mark Raeburn while Lead Designer at ARAA

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